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11 ways to DIY your way through winter and turn up the heat

11 ways to DIY your way through winter and turn up the heat

Brrrrrrr! Welcome to freezy winter – the perfect excuse to snuggle up indoors, put on  your DIY pants  and conjure up some magic to keep you and your loved ones warm. Following on from last week’s nifty Daisolutions, this week we’ve been hunting for the best tips for winning at winter with a little DIY knowhow. Keep these 11 tips and tricks up your woolly sleeve to stay snuggly and keep your heating bills low.

#1 ~ Rug up in winter woolies and stay warm on the inside with delicious soups and drinks too 


Image by @lequirkychaton 


Winter craft DIY idea by @cherrie.diane.dodson 




Deck yourself from head to toe in winter woollies – we’re talking beanie, scarf, gloves if it’s convenient, socks and snug house slippers. You can learn to knit your own with DAISO’s needle and yarn supplies, or grab an old jumper and some hot glue (see the links below), but if you’re not so handy then you’ll also find all your woollies pre-made in store! 




Matcha cookies with white choc chips yum! available at your nearest Daiso. 






Once you’ve rugged up, heat your belly with comforting liquid treats like hot chocolate, tea and wintry soups. DAISO has the cutest soup stirrers and ladles to colour your cooking with sunshiny vibes, and the mugs and soup bowls are just waiting to add rainbows to  your kitchen. Again, if making ain’t your thang, hit up the soup and noodle aisle for some super easy instant warming winter snacks. Miso miso miso!


How to finger knit an infinity scarf (YouTube)

Find out the WARMEST way to wear a scarf (YouTube)  (see video at 3.42 minutes)

Quick DIY beanie and legwarmers with hot glue (YouTube)

Turn woolly socks into fingerless gloves

Super wintry soups on Pinterest

18 tasty ways to make hot chocolate ~ YUMMO!

Mulled wine, anyone?!

#2 ~ Make your own rice bag warmer and sleep soundly all night 


5 min hot packs: http://www.raegunramblings.com/2014/05/5-minute-hot-pack-tutorial.html#_a5y_p=2039488

There’s nothing nicer than slipping into warm PJs and getting into a warm cosy bed when it’s cold and raining outside. Aaaaaah! Just heat your warmer in the microwave for half a minute, wrap your PJs around it and place under your covers a few minutes before you head to bed. It’s so easy to make your own rice bag warmer that you’ll wonder why you haven’t done this sooner (and made heaps more for your friends!).

Check out Wellness Mama’s awesome tutorial with bonus alternatives and hand warmer tutorial.

TIP: Make mini ones to place in your shoes just before you put them on. Mmmm, warm toes!

#3 ~ Bake like the apocalypse is coming! Use that oven to heat your home 


Get your baking essentials from Daiso 


We are all for the convenience of microwaves, but your oven can be your best friend in winter. Baking will not only yield a scrumptious selection of amazing smelling comfort foods to keep you satisfied, but when you’ve finished baking and you leave your oven’s door open as it cools, you’ll be treated to a most delicious ambient heat. *Skip this tip if you have pets or young children in the house!*


Bakers Corner – wow!

Healthy baking at Taste.com.au – failsafe baking from Australians who know how!

Mister Nice Guy’s Bakeshop vegan cupcakes recipes with videos! (yes, we’ve tried these fluffy, divine mouthfuls of yumminess  and we totally rate them!)

#4 ~ Keep out icy draughts with velcro, magnets and pool noodles




Windows and doors are the worst culprits for letting all the cold in and all the heat out of your rooms. So how do you stop this temperature to and fro? Easy. Just get some velcro or magnetic tape to create a temporary seal between the edges of your curtains and your window frame (sides and bottom). If your curtains meet in the middle, you can create a seal along the edges here too. 

For under-door draught gaps, especially in older homes, pick up some pool noodles (or other tube foam), make a single cut along the length of the noodle and slide it to fit along the base of your door. Shut the door and keep that heat in! DAISO also stocks door draught stoppers.

#5 ~ Humidify the house to make the air warmer and go green 


Image by @yantiranbitan 


Did you know that dry winter air actually feels colder, dries out your skin and is bad for your sinuses? Increase the humidity in the air by placing well watered plants around the house. A herb garden in the kitchen, some flowering pots by the back door? Your house will look lush and inviting in no time, and you’ll breathe easier.

Or add a few dehumidifiers around the house to refresh every room!


TIP: If your glass surfaces start fogging up with condensation then your air is TOO wet, so you might have to give your green babies a day outside in the sun.


15 houseplants for improving indoor air quality

Indoor pot plant Pinspiration

Indoor gardening 101 from Planet Natural

Advanced info about indoor plants and humidity at Indoor Garden HQ

#6 ~ Reflect the heat rays back where they belong with aluminium foil


Instead of letting the heat escape through nearby glass windows or by rising up the walls, line the wall behind your radiator or wall-mounted heater with aluminium foil and reflect the heat back into the centre of the room. Extra toasty!

#7 ~ Avoid chills – get those light summer frocks out of sight! Don’t even be tempted to take them for a spin! 


If the sun pokes its head out even for a few hours during the midst of winter, we always seem tempted to strip down to our summer gear only to freeze all day and wish we were wrapped head-to-toe in a doona. NOT THIS WINTER! NOPE! This winter is all about getting those summer threads packed away and out of sight. Pick up some vacuum seal bags from DAISO and make sure you dress sensibly ALL winter! 


#8 ~ While we’re sewing … Make your own floor rugs with old sheets, t-shirts and fabric scraps


Rag rugs are SO IN right now, and most designer stores charge an absolute fortune for them. To that, we say, “Nope!”. We are all about home decorating on a budget. You can pick up all your sewing supplies for $2.80 each at DAISO if you need to stock up (don’t forget your toothbrush! – see the tutorial below), and dig out old sheets and other scrappy fabric at home. This fantastic DIY project makes it so satisfying to curl up on your new rug at the end of a rainy crafternoon indoors!

Check out the tutorial at Rag Rug Cafe!

#9 ~ Try heating your home with tealight candles and terracotta pots






Surely this is some kind of secret passed down and adapted from ancient times – our ancestors sure did know how to survive the chilly months! Pick up some terracotta pots with holes in the base, and tealight candles at DAISO and you’ll be able to make your small-space heater in no time. Perfect for home offices! See how to make a flower pot heater via Daily Mail's story. Warning: do not use plastic pots! 

#10 ~ Make your own warm insoles for your shoes and boots with insulating products


Mini Picnic Mats 


90cm x 180cm reflective mat 


A wall of rainbow felt 

Toasty tootsies all winter long! Yes! If you haven’t already picked up a pair of insoles from DAISO’s huge range in store, why not have a try at making your own? You can use all kinds of things to line your shoes on the inside, including cardboard, yoga mats and cork sheeting. We also recommend using DAISO’s reflective silver mats, picnic mats, felt squares or insulating bags for your materials. EASY DIY!

See this Wiki-How tutorial for how to make them

#11 ~ Try some DIY tricks to get into a de-frosted car in the morning








Park with your windscreen facing east. Easy! The rising sun will melt the frost away …  at least in theory!

If you’re worried about ice crystals forming on your windscreen wipers, place knee socks over the wipers at night and take them off again when you’re ready to drive. You can also keep a squeegee wiper in the car to remove any remaining frost (or scrape frost off with your credit card).

If you want to prevent frost on your windows from the beginning, you’ll need to make up a  3:1 vinegar:water mixture and use a spray bottle to apply the mix to your windows. Keep your spray bottle in the car.

You are now armed and ready to take on Old Man Winter like a summer-lovin’ pro. Get to it, you warm-blooded winter warrior. And, while you’re at it, we KNOW you have your own winter secrets to share!

Remember to take part in this month’s competition by sharing your winter secrets on xxxxxxxxxx and tagging them with #mydaisowintersecrets . You could win xxxxxx.

Now go forth and conquer those winter chills, Hot Stuff!



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Winter is coming. 10 toasty tips to get prepped.

It’s getting chilly, the wild weather is on its way, and spending the next three months wrapped in your blanket cocoon is looking like a great option. But if you have to emerge from bed and step out into the cold cold world of work, school, uni and everyday life, make sure you do it right. Get your winter game on and thaw out with these winning warmers …  

#1 ~ Keep your typing fingers frost free with touchpad gloves

Finally, you can use your phone or tablet device without getting frostbite! Normal gloves just don’t cut it when you need to urgently snapchat your bestie about what they’re missing out on RIGHT NOW. Don’t let the moment (or your phone) slip away. These touchpad gloves have screen-friendly soft-grip coated fingertips that mean your phone ninja skills will be just as good in winter as they are in summer. 

#2 ~ Heat yourself, not the house

Your secret cost-saving grace this winter, and also great to help heal sporting injuries! Tear yourself away from hugging the heater but stay super snuggly with pocket warmers and heat patches. With an average temperature above 50°C lasting 10+ hours, these self-contained heat packs will keep you snug even in the snow and are much more discreet than that hot water bottle you’ve been tempted to carry around. Just peel off the backing, stick the pack to the inside back of your winter coat and enjoy a cosy walk outdoors. Always follow instructions on the pack for optimum warmth and safety. Here’s how they work.

Not convinced? Check out what users have to say:

“Pocket warmer can really keep you super!”

“Warmth from a heat pack”

#3 ~ Keep winter sneezes at bay with cold-fighting tea 

Ginger tea has many health benefits however there are side effects and precautions to take. Read more here:http://www.newhealthguide.org/Ginger-Tea-Benefits.html 

Give yourself a hot pre-winter boost with antioxidant-packed tea. Green tea is especially good for you, and a squeeze of lemon will help flush out any toxins (perfect after a night on the town). We love the lemon squeeze-pourer that allows you to pour your fresh lemon juice into your tea instead of all over the kitchen bench, and its handy cap will allow you to keep your lemon fresh in the fridge longer.

Bonus tip: Stay hydrated with lukewarm water and a squeeze of lemon juice between teas.

And if the sniffles set in: Check out this epic tea recipe you can use to kick that cold to the curb. 

#4 ~ Don’t freeze your butt off this winter! Warm your tush! 

Cold seats and short skirts: you know the story. Colourful woolly short johns (just like long johns but mini) will keep you warm AND make sure your butt looks extra sassy in those Marilyn-Monroe-on-a-windy-street moments. Oh my!

#5 ~ Get your snuggle on with mini snuggle blankets

Take the edge off of winter chills, whether you’re at your desk, watching TV on the couch or cheering on the local footy players from the sidelines. Mini fleece snuggle blankets are 80cm x  60cm – small enough to squash into your bag and big enough to wrap around your knees to keep the chills away. Perfect for kids too. 

Bonus tip: Snuggle blankets are also just the right fit for pet beds, and your furry friend will love nuzzling into them.

#6 ~ Waterproof yourself with great value brollies from only $2.80

Step 1: Layer up your winter woollies.

Step 2: Wait for rain.

Step 3: Add a raincoat and umbrella to your look.

Step 4: Strut your stuff on the footpath like it’s the hottest runway this side of Paris. Own it!

#7 ~ Buy your boots half a size too big to make room for thick fuzzy socks

Keep your tootsies toasty all winter. Like newsreaders in Hawaiian shorts, there’s something cool, cute and rebellious about secretly wearing bed socks with your serious work clothes!   

#8 ~ Embrace soup season and share the love

A big batch of wintry soup is just the thing to make you feel hugged on the inside, but when you’re trying to slurp your way through it all over a week, your tastebuds will probably feel a little bored, right? Solution? Start a soup club at uni or work, where a group of you all make different soups, freeze them in batches and do a swap. DAISO has all the colourful soup paraphernalia you need to get the club started, right down to the office-friendly heat-keeper mugs for sipping your soup between filing and spreadsheets.

Bonus tip: If you’re in a rush and making soup for one, a cup of instant miso soup will warm you up fast and is packed with health benefits. 

#9 ~ Make like a squirrel and stock up on emergency hibernation food

That moment when you get home after a long day, you find the cupboard bare and you know you have to brave the cold outside to get to the supermarket before it shuts. Noooo! Stock up now on emergency supplies and your future self will thank your current self (or is that past self?) for your excellent planning. DAISO has noodles, soups (including miso), dried goods like mushrooms for bulking up your meals, and snacks to get you through the deep dark winter. Here are just a few of the things available.

Need quick Japanese recipe ideas? Hello gyoza, sushi and other delicious treats!!

Have you seen DAISO’s dumpling maker in action

#10 ~ Maintain your glow from top to toe with weekly pampering

Who doesn’t love luxurious pampering to look and feel amazing?! While winter layers help us forget about the finer details (yeti legs!), cold winter winds and indoor heating really dry out our skin … and then spring is suddenly on the doorstep wanting us to look our best moisturised selves for the racing season! Ugh! Get the jump on it all with some weekly winter maintenance. We put together a few tips for you during the spring racing carnival that you can revisit. And remember that charcoal does wonders

There’s no way we’re going to let winter rain on your parade! What are your Daiso winter secrets? Share them with us by hashtagging your social media pics with #MyDaisoWinterSecret . You can also post pics directly to us using @daisoaustraliaofficial .

Here’s to a cosy winter ahead!



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