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10 ways to spoil Mum this Mother’s Day (without emptying your wallet)

Your mum gave you the gift of life, helped you tie your shoelaces and used her superhuman powers to see you through your awkward teenage years, and now you’re giving her a cookbook in return? STOP! Step away from the bookshelf and ask yourself, “How can I make Mother’s Day something really special for the woman who raised me?”.

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Discover charcoal It’s the new black in skincare

It’s true. Charcoal is a game changer in the beauty world, and for good reason: it works wonders.


Photo credit via Instagram: @pumpkinsister_id

No, not the stuff you find in your BBQ or in your old art supplies – wrong kind of charcoal, all kinds of bad! – we’re talking about ACTIVATED charcoal.

Japanese women have been using it for centuries in their beauty routines, and the beauty industry is onto it. Don’t worry, DAISO is too, which means you can get all the perks of the luxury brands but for a fraction of the price. Each product is just AU$2.80, so if you buy all the charcoal products listed in this blog post, that’s your skin and hair taken care of for only AU$16.80! Helloooooooo saving for that holiday in the Bahamas!

Heads up! Here’s what you’ll find at DAISO.


Why change to charcoal?

Aside from providing minutes of entertainment when you look in the mirror with your face covered in black goop (chim-chiminy-chim-chiminy … ), activated charcoal is said to have real beauty benefits.

When you use it on your face it:

  • draws out the impurities that get into your skin each day – bacteria, poisons, harmful chemicals, dirt and microscopic particles
  • unclogs your pores
  • makes your skin look and feel fresher
  • helps combat pimples and blackheads.

Skin won’t dramatically change after a single use, but you’ll notice improvements after a week or two.

When you use it on your hair it:

  • draws out pollutants and grease
  • leaves hair deep-cleaned and soft.

Customers swear by it, like it’s the holy grail of skincare and haircare. Read the proof in these honest-to-goodness reviews from around the world:

What is activated charcoal? Is it safe?

Activated charcoal is charcoal that’s been heated in a way to make itsuper porous, meaning it has so many tiny holes that it can hold 1000 times its own mass (like an intensely absorbent sponge or filter, but on a microscopic scale).

It has extreme absorbtion ability. No, that’s not a typo. Absorbtionchemically attracts and sticks other substances to the charcoal’s surface, rather than drawing them in to become part of it (absorption).

Because charcoal isn’t something that can be absorbed by the body, it’s safe. In fact, pure activated charcoal is commonly used in medicine, and some monkeys eat charcoal to help their digestive systems.

So, how do you use charcoal products?

Just like you would your usual ones. Each of DAISO’s products have instructions on the pack, but here are a few pointers for you to incorporate DAISO’s charcoal range into your beauty routine.

Remember to always test products on a small patch of skin first to make sure you’re not allergic to ingredients.

  1. Cleansing cream


Remove makeup and daily impurities. There’s no need for water – just apply and wipe off. It’ll leave a slightly sticky residue that you’ll need to wash off with cleansing foam.

2. Cleansing foam


Squeeze a little onto your hand and use a foaming net to create a lather (see a handy tutorial by midsummer3v3 on how to use DAISO’s foaming nets). Massage the lather into your skin, rinse off, and pat your face dry with a soft cloth.

Moisturise if necessary with your favourite moisturiser. 

TIP: You can use this to cleanse your hands too. Over time, it’ll make them look and feel more youthful. 

3. Sumi blotting paper


Keep these beauty saviours in your bag for on-the-go oil control throughout your day. Blot whenever you’re feeling like your face needs more of a matte finish. 

4. Natural pack peel-off face mask (once a week)


This one is trickier, depending on your skin type. If you’ve ever used a pore strip across your nose, you’re familiar with the feeling of a super sticky strip pulling out not only your blackheads and whiteheads but also a layer of peach fuzz hairs from your skin! This mask is just like that but on your whole face, so, sensitive petals, beware, and only use in oily areas where you really need a deep clean! 

To use it, apply in a thick layer (avoiding delicate eye areas, eyebrows, hairline, and lips), dry for 15 minutes and then peel off. 

Look at all the dead skin and tiny hairs and blackheads and whiteheads – horribly satisfying isn’t it?!

Moisturise if necessary with your favourite moisturiser. 

5. Pore care packs (once a week)


Like the peel-off mask, these will pull out blackheads and whiteheads (and tiny peach fuzz hairs!) from your nose. Just wet the strip, apply it to your nose, press down, dry for a few minutes and peel off.


6. Sumi shampoo (once a week)


Because this shampoo is so rich in sweet-smelling detoxifying loveliness, it’s more like a hair treatment or conditioner, so you only need to use it once a week as a special treat for your hair. 

Lather in, rinse thoroughly and dry. 

Gaze upon your shiny, rejuvenated hair and book a night on the town.

Who would’ve thought that something as black as charcoal could actually get your skin and hair so amazingly clean and detoxed?! Not us, but we’ve tried it and it works!

We’re excited to hear your success stories and see your results with DAISO’s charcoal range, so remember to share them with us on our Facebook page or on your favourite social media with #mydaiso.



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Step-by-step makeup on a pocket-change budget

If you haven’t yet wandered down the beauty aisles at DAISO, you are in for *such* a treat! We love makeup but we don’t think anyone should need to break the bank to look amazing. We stock a runway-model-worthy range of everything you need, with each item priced at just $2.80. 

To take you through some of what you’ll find in store, this week we’re giving you a beauty DIY crash course.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a connoisseur of spring racing carnival looks, a makeup tragic or a bare-faced beauty in need of an emergency makeover for a spring wedding – everyone can look a million dollars by following a few basic steps.

Before we launch into our step-by-step beauty guide, we should let you know that we have another competition happening this week! You’ll find details at the end of this blog post, but to whet your appetite here’s the fantastic makeup essentials kit you could win.

So, with that teaser out the way, are you ready to get started on your spring look? If you are, make sure you do it all in the right order so that your face stays fresh for your whole outing. Here’s what you’ll need to do …


While it’s great to buy up everything you like on a whim and give yourself a huge range of colour options, it’s important to decide on the colour palette you need to get the look you want. If you’re not sure about what’s hot right now, check out the many gorgeous looks for this season


We trust you enjoyed your pampering last week. If you missed out, feel free to jump to last week’s post. A relaxed you is a more beautiful you, and will make all the difference to your makeup canvas – your beautiful face. 

Whether you want a no-fuss fresh face or a full makeup transformation, you can find all you need in the beauty aisles. Here is a refreshingly honest review of DAISO’s products and one great look created by the lovely Jordy.

Step 1: Prime or moisturise

DAISO has different moisturisers to suit your skin type. One of our favourites is this Skin Essence, which will provide a firm, moisturised base to start your makeup routine. 

Step 2: Foundation

DAISO’s foundations are available in a range of tones, in liquid and powder form (see further on for powders). They’re tried and tested to provide you with a silky smooth glow that will have your friends and colleagues wondering if you’ve been sneaking off to a health retreat.

TIP: Apply with a sponge or brush for thicker night-time coverage in artificial lighting, or apply using your fingers for a lighter daytime look that won’t look heavy in sunlight.

TIP: If you’ve been blessed with a near-flawless complexion but want a little more consistency to your skin tone, try one of DAISO’s tinted BB creams.

Step 3: Cover up and highlight with concealer

Party season and dark circles under the eyes often go hand-in-hand. Brighten your under-eye area with a concealer over the top of your foundation. Dot it on and use your fingertips to gently pat it until it’s blended in.

TIP: Always apply concealer after foundation. Your foundation will give you great coverage, and you’ll only need concealer for any dark spots that need lightening. It’ll also go on smoother with a foundation base.

Step 4: Clever contouring and rosey-glow cheeks

Contouring powders, bronzers and blushes can make a broad nose appear slender, define your cheekbones and change the overall appearance of your face shape. Use the right kind of brush (DAISO has a range to choose from) and make sure you stick to that old beauty adage: less is more! MaskCara shows you how to highlight, contour and apply blush for your face shape.

Step 5: Powder perfection

Foundation powders can be patted on with a makeup pad if you’re looking for more coverage, or opt for a light dust with a brush over your foundation and other makeup to help seal it and smooth your skin texture. 

TIP: Carry your powder compact and a powder brush with you to your special event so you can re-dust every few hours and maintain your skin’s matte appearance.

Step 6: Striking eyebrows

Last week we looked at shaping your eyebrows as part of your pampering routine, and sent you off to this pretty blog to see how dramatically your brows can change the look of your face. If you want to change the shape of your eyebrows just for a day, consider using an eyebrow pencil to draw in the shape you want, and set your work with some clear topcoat. DAISO even has eyebrow templates to help you out. 

Step 7: It’s all in the eyes

Transform your lids

Did you know that in Asia, where single eyelid types are common, there is a surgical procedure to turn the single eyelid into a double eyelid? We say “BLEGH!” to blepharoplasty and “HOORAY!” for the person who invented the temporary adhesive double eyelid crease! Check out the Asian Beauty Secrets YouTube video, hosted by the lovely Mia, for an easy application how-to. 


DAISO has a rainbow of eyeshadows to make your eyes sparkle, from the mellow neutrals to the city-light brights to the smokey darks. Combination colour palettes will help you get the look you want. 

TIP: Thalita Makes has some great video tutorials – she even takes on a no-brush challenge to apply her makeup. Start with her beginners tutorial for applying eye-shadow. We also love her smokey cats eye tutorial.


Frame your eyes in whatever shape you like with an eyeliner, whether you’re going for sweet girl-next-door eyes, or sultry starlet eyes. Pinterest has loads of eyeliner ideas and tutorials to help you out.

TIP: DAISO sells refillable eyeliner pencils so you don’t have to keep buying a whole new pencil every time you run out. Handy and environmentally conscious.

False eyelashes

Fluttery false eyelashes are so so so hot right now. Celebrities don’t leave home without them during event season. They are super-girly and will make your eyes look beautiful and as big and deep as the ocean.

DAISO is known Australia-wide for it’s HUGE range of false eyelashes (even novelty Halloween lashes – see them in our Halloween blog post!).  

TIPFrankie magazine has a great online step-by-step tutorial on how to apply false eyelashes, or you can follow along with celebrity stylist Damon Hamilton in this video.

Curl for extra wide eyes

Whether you are blessed with au naturale long luscious lashes or you’re lash-lacking and need to rely on some synthetic wonders, those lashes need curling. Lashes that curl out will make your eyes look bigger (and more innocent if you plan to be mischievous). 

TIP: Curl once before applying mascara and once afterwards so they stay curled for longer.


It doesn’t matter how short or long (or real) your lashes are – we all need mascara to really set off our eye makeup and make it pop. DAISO has base coat and top coat mascara to fatten, curl and/or lengthen your lashes, and you’ll even find handy mascara guards so you don’t mess up all your other makeup if you slip.

TIP: Curl lashes, apply one coat of mascara to each eye, then another, and then curl again. Your eyes will look twice as big as they do when you wake up bare-faced.

Step 8: Pucker up for an Instagram-ready pout

If you’re having Scarlett Johansson lip envy, you’ll find a little liner and a pop of lipstick colour will go a long way. Check out these lipstick tricks to get the most out of your pout.

TIP: THE GOLDEN RULE: If you’re opting for heavy eye makeup, choose a neutral lip colour or gloss. If you’re going for the girl-next-door basic eye makeup, lashings of lip colour will glam up your look.

Standby supplies (for those OOPS! moments)

Unless you’re a professional, you’re probably going to make a few beauty blunders during your makeup routine. It’s ok! Get prepared for the inevitable with some of these handy supplies.

TIP: Did you know wet wipes are gentle enough to clean off your makeup? Great to carry with you for summer-perspiration-running-makeup fixes. 

TIP: Regardless of any blunders, it’s important to keep your equipment clean, so once a week or so wash all your sponges and brushes with DAISO’s sponge detergent – rated 5/5 on the awesome makeup review site MakeupAlley.


A mini mani-pedi adds the finishing touches to your spring event look, so prep, preen, polish and parade your nails proudly. A definitive guide to the mani-pedi

Prep your nails

Clean off old remnants of polish and soak and scrub your nails clean. 

Get nails into shape

Clip and/or trim your nails with nail scissors, and use a nail file to shape them the way you want.

Care for your cuticles

Push back cuticles and trim off excess – can be tricky, so skip the cutting or watch how

Buff and shine

Buff your nails with a 3-step nail buffer to smooth and shine them.

Colour them pretty with your favourite polish- Base coat, colour coat, second colour coat, top coat. Voilà!

TIP: Trouble choosing a colour from all the amazing options? Polish picking 101!

Some of us do tend to take out the stresses of life on our poor nails, but that’s no reason to not have fabulous looking fingers and toes. That’s why we have nail glue and false nails! You can still follow the steps above for a manicure and pedicure, but these quick-fix nails will stand in while yours have a rest. 

TIP: New to false nails? Check out this quick how-to guide.

Feeling crafty? Get creative with nail art.

Add some flair to your fingers with some fun nail art. Nail art has really taken off across the world, and there are plenty of nail art ideas and DIY tutorials online. All you have to do is find the nail section in DAISO, stock up with the right supplies and follow the steps in your favourite tutorial. Here are some of the supplies you’ll find in store (remember, glitter makes everything better!).

Now that all the hard, but fun, work is done, take a good long look in the mirror.




Now get out there in the big wide world, strut your stuff at the races, bat those eyelashes like you mean it, and get out on that wedding dancefloor and shake your beauty like nobody’s watching!  

Remember, for your chance to win this week’s Spring racing makeup essentials kit, just tell us in 25 words or less what your favourite Daiso beauty item is and tag your friend for the chance to win- Enter NOW <3



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