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Top tips to set your Christmas table with all the trimmings

The big Christmas feast is less than two weeks away and, no matter what you’re cooking up, we want to make sure your Christmas table spread is the merriest, shiniest, sparkliest and most fun on the family record. All you need is a little planning, a small budget and a quick trip to DAISO. 

Here are our top tips to set your table with all the festive trimmings.


Gather up all your dinnerware, see what you have most of and decide on a theme. 

White is always a fresh option for a warm Aussie Christmas, with red and green close contenders, and gold and silver highlights to add that magic shine. But other colour schemes work nicely too. Classic blue and white mix-and-match will give your table a touch of elegance, while a rainbow of dishes will give it some summer fun.

Bored with your tableware and want something new? DAISO has ceramic and plastic dinnerware to suit every Christmas table. Here are just a few of the many options:

Need drinkware? DAISO has heaps to choose from, from picnic cups and coloured drinking glasses to glasses for alcoholic drinks. We are loving this adorable Christmassy hot chocolate mug and the stemless wine glass.

Tip: Remember your table-setting etiquette! Visit the Homelife site for a simple rundown on how to set your dinnerware in the right place.


A Christmas feast isn’t a Christmas feast without the finishing festive touches.

If you’re not sure where to start with creating your centrepiece and placing your table decorations, go by the simple rule of styling your table to match the kind of feast you’re having. 

For the traditional turkey feast, stick with the traditional touches, like a few candles on saucers surrounded with simple Christmas decorations, some Christmas ribbons, and sprinklings of gold, silver, red or green glitter here and there on the table (stick to your colour theme). Or you could surround your candles with a wreath.

Tip: A summer Christmas doesn’t have to stop you from adding candlelight. Keep the heat down, and make your table kid-friendly with LED candles.

Tip: If you are using candles, stay away from the scented ones – these can distract from all the wonderfully delicious smells of your food. 

Tip: Always keep centrepieces below eye level so that they don’t disrupt conversation across the table, or the passing of dishes. 

For an outdoor Aussie barbecue, how about a cluster of miniature Christmas trees for the centre of your table?

Or mason jars with candles inside? Use washi tape or ribbon to make your jars something special.

How to make DIY Mason Jar candles —> 

Tip: Make outdoor table decorations heavy so that they don’t blow away if it gets windy.

How about some candy-cane and lolly jars so your guests have something to nibble on while they’re waiting for their meals?

Tip: Ceramic ornaments make good weights for holding down paper plates and serviettes before the food is served at the outdoor feast. See more on our Pinterest page.


Add a classy touch to the dining table with placeholders for guests. Miniature spiral glitter trees are a sweet addition, or you could mark each guest’s place with a different Christmas decoration. Guests can take them home to put away for next year’s decorating.

Tip: If you want to personalise your placeholders with guests’ names, it’s easy to create name cards to sit in front. DAISO has a huge range of craft supplies you can get creative with, like markers, washi tape, coloured card, glitter glue, and hole punches. You might even venture down the cosmetics aisle for some super sparkly nailpolish to dot onto your cards (this is great for dotting on the outside of candle jars too!).


It can be so boring for kids to have to sit around waiting for food and listening to adults talk about boring adult life, so make sure the kids have a setup that’s just for them. Make sure their spot at the table is covered with craft paper, pencils, textas and stickers. They will also love being able to take home these placeholders that double as toys. What kid doesn’t love snowglobes and light-up ornaments?!

Tip: Some items may be a choking hazard for young children, so always read item labels to make sure they’re safe, and always ensure children are supervised by a responsible adult.

Tip: For very young children, consider using a Christmas stocking with an age-appropriate toy inside as their placeholder.

You could even give them some fun festive headwear to put on. They’re more fun than the boring paper Christmas crowns in your bonbons and they’ll be a hit with the adults too!

See more fun headwear, clips and hats

Tip: Kids can have fun getting into character with these and making up a Christmas play to perform.


As an alternative or addition to your decorative placeholders, a small gift for each of your guests is a nice touch that will show them how much you appreciate them coming along. If you want to keep your table uncluttered, just hang these on the backs of guest’s chairs. DAISO has so many small gift options to suit each and every one of your guests, and has a great range of Christmas stockings and gift bags to make gift wrapping a breeze.

For more wrapping ideas, including special Japanese cloth wrapping, visit our wrapping inspiration board on Pinterest.

Now that you’ve had a sneak peek of all the glittery, fun table trimmings you can get at DAISO, you might also like to check out our Christmas feast table inspiration board on Pinterest.

As always, we’d love to see your amazing DAISO inspired Christmas feast goodies, so remember to take a snapshot of your haul (or your Christmas feast table), upload it to your favourite social media account and tag it with #daisoxmas.

Happy decorating!

Give gifts the WOW factor! It’s all in the presentation.

We already know how awesome and creative Japanese culture is, and in the art of giving gifts it’s no exception. So, gather up all your unwrapped gifts, settle in for this week’s dose of Japanese inspiration and get ready to become the wrapping wonder of your family and office Christmases. 

Wrapping gifts is a huge deal in Japanese culture – the way a gift is wrapped is as important as the gift itself, and conveys all kinds of symbolic meanings through colour and style.  Whether you’re going all-out on a Japanese theme or just adding accents to your traditional wrapping, here’s what you need to know to give your gifts the Japanese touch.

Choosing materials

Furoshiki, washi?! Japanese wrapping goes above and beyond the simple paper wrap and bow we’re used to seeing in Australia. Instead, gifts are elegantly wrapped in furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth) or washi paper (a special handmade paper), and might be strung together or decorated with cord or ribbonwashi tape, or even origami

The furoshiki offers up the most sustainable way to wrap gifts, since the cloth can be re-used by your gift recipient as a table decoration, wall hanging or even a tea towel.

If you’re putting a twist on tradition, you can decorate your wrapping with buttons, pom-poms, washi tape or any other cute bits and bobs from DAISO’s craft aisle. In fact, anything small that can be glued onto or tied onto your gift with lots of colourful ribbon can make a cute addition – kawaii bento eraser trio, anyone?

TIP: For paper with a busy pattern, use simple extras like a small ribbon or a band of plain washi tape. For plain coloured paper, don’t be afraid to be bold with the extras! 

TIP: Need a cool paper band to go around your gift? Cut a long strip of wrapping paper that complements the main one you’re using, fold the long edges in a little to create smooth edges, and then use a decorative hole punch to punch out shapes along the centre – this star hole punch could set the theme for all your gifts. Wrap the paper around your gift and tape the ends together to hold it in place.

Choosing colours

If you’re sticking with the traditional red, white and green, here’s what these colours symbolise: 

  • Red – positive feelings about life, energy and vitality

  • White – purity and cleanliness

  • Green – fertility, eternal life, youthfulness and freshness. 

  • Red and white together are a symbol of joy, celebration and happiness.

Taking a step away from tradition? 

  • Pink – happiness and positivity. 

  • Orange – happiness and love.

  • Yellow – courage, beauty and cheerfulness.

  • Blue – purity and cleanliness

  • Purple – wealth and nobility

  • Black – doom and gloom, and death. Stay away from this one!

Choosing shapes

Have fun with wrapping by creating different shapes like pleats (see how), asymmetrical wraps (see how) or get FANcy (see how). If you don’t want to use cloth or washi paper, you can still create all these gorgeous shapes so easily with standard Christmas papers. 

Choosing techniques

There are two main techniques to Japanese wrapping – tsutsumi and origata

Tsutsumi is a way of wrapping that conceals the gift completely (more like the Western approach to gift wrapping), while origata gives a clue about the gift inside and has a whole lot of rules attached (read a brief introduction to origata).  

Each technique is easy to achieve, whether you’re using cloth, washi paper or traditional Christmas wrapping paper. 

Need a speedier, cheatier way to give gifts a little WOW?

There is no shame in accepting that you’re a fumble-fingers when it comes to wrapping, folding and tying ribbons. Fear not, friend – DAISO has the cute, quirky quickfix Christmas wrappings you need to make sure your gifts still look fantastic and your gift recipients feel loved. 

With seriously cute Christmas gift bags and  gorgeous gift boxes in a bunch of sizes, wide ribbons you can tie in a giant bow around any gift, Christmas themed sticky tape and even Santa boots, DAISO really does have everything you need to give your gifts that extra little bit of WOW!

You can check out DAISO’s Christmas wrap inspiration on Pinterest.

Proud of your wrapping efforts? You should be.

Show others how it’s done by sharing your DAISO wrapping ideas on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter using #MyDaiso #DaisoGiftIdeas, #daisocraft #daisocool.

5 hot tips to survive the office Christmas party

Party season is officially open!

Workers in Japan are gearing up for their yearly bonenkai – literally “forget the year party” – and Australian workplaces are abuzz with talk about the office Christmas party, which for most of us is also a “forget the year party”! But forgetting the year and looking forward to a new one has some fine print attached that nobody ever seems to notice until it’s too late:

What happens at the office party NEVER stays at the office party!

You know we’re all about problem-solving at DAISO, so here are our hot tips for making the most of the office Christmas party (or bonenkai if you prefer) without any sideways glances coming at you on Monday.

#1 ~ Keep a hand free for no-grease greetings

Drink or canapé in your left hand, right hand free for shaking hands. You there with the big hands, one canapé at a time! And, you, Tiny Hands, you need to stand near a table so you can put your food and drink down and alternate between munching and sipping. 

#2 ~ Beware the free-flowing festive spirits

Nobody wants to be remembered as the office lush who fell asleep in the corner (or worse!). Eat before you start drinking anything cheeky, know your limits and be sure to space out your alcoholic drinks with water or soft drink. 

If you’re organising the office party and need a generous supply of nibbles for your colleagues, stop by the DAISO snack aisle for some sweet and savoury treats.

#3 ~ Dance like everyone is watching

Your colleagues (and their trusty smartphones), will forever remember your awkward wonky donkey dancing, so keep the twerking and the popping and locking out of the work zone (remember what we learnt from Seinfeld’s Elaine?!).  

#4 ~ Get dressed for success

Look sharp! Think about your work party as an extension of work. Dress up your professionalism with Christmas colours and keep the clubwear for your holidays. If your work is having a fancy dress party, don’t be too cool for school and arrive in your everyday gear – get into the festive spirit and dress up like your job depends on it! 

Need last-minute fancy dress accessories?

#5 ~ Make the most of Secret Santa

Don’t let Secret Santa gift giving strike fear into you! A little thought really does go a long way, so ask around about your colleague’s interests before you shop. If they’re a complete stranger, find something for them that they can use in the office. Steer clear of joke gifts that might offend (unless that’s the theme!) and don’t be afraid to go a little over the set gift amount if you need to. 

For the quirkiest, awesomest gifts that’ll meet your budget, make your colleague smile and make you a Secret Santa star, check out our Pinterest board of Secret Santa inspiration.

Happy holiday time! We wish you and your colleagues a cracking office party!


Get ready for the Jolly Season with Daiso!

Hellooooo, festive season! It’s time to rummage in the top of your wardrobe, untangle the Christmas decorations and set Boney M.’s Christmas Album on shuffle and repeat!

This week in DAISO stores across Australia, we’re stocking our shelves with the quirkiest, most awesomest Christmas gifts and supplies you’ll need to get organised, get decorated, get making and get giving. With everything you need in store for $2.80 per item, DAISO will have your Christmas haul sorted, AND you’ll have enough of your Christmas budget left over to splurge on a something special just for you.

But before you brave the bustling Christmas shopping crowds we want to get you prepped. While Santa’s been making his list of who’s naughty or nice, here at DAISO we’ve been making our own list to help you stay on top of everything over the busy Christmas season. And, of course, we have all the cute, clever, unique products to help you each and every step of the way.

Print the lists below, stick it on your fridge and get set for a smooth ride through the festive season.


Bonus Christmas card and gift list templates

Keep track of all your card and gift recipients with these handy printable templates. You can file them away until you need to use them again for next year’s lists – your future self is already giving you a high-five of thanks.


Merry pre-Christmas from DAISO! We’ll be back next week with some DAISO decorating know-how.

Remember, if you’re as excited as we are by all the cool Christmas finds you can pick up at DAISO, you can show the world by photographing your haul and posting it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram with #daisoxmas

Get festive and decorate for LESS!

Deck the halls … the loungeroom … the windows … the tree … and anything else that needs brightening up with DAISO Christmas cheer. It’s time to get everyone together and get busy decorating, wrapping your home in festive colours and sparkles, and immersing yourself in the spirit of Christmas. Whether you prefer a minimalist swish of the yuletide wand over your space, or a full Christmas makeover, DAISO’s new range of decorations will help you turn your home into a haven for Christmas bliss.

It’s tree time!

The yearly ritual of decorating the Christmas tree with the family is the perfect kick-starter to your festive season. Make this year’s tree even more epic than last year’s with …  

Tip: Remember to pet-proof your Christmas tree if you have inside pets. It’ll keep your tree and your furry friends safe.

Tip: Put a twist on tradition. Gather some large leaf bare branches (fallen gumtree branches are perfect because they’re fairly smooth), place them in a large pot and hang your decorations from these instead. 

No room for a big tree? Try tinselly tabletop trees for tiny spaces.

Just because your teeny apartment can’t accommodate a baby pine tree, it doesn’t mean it should miss out on a festive season spruce.

Tabletop trees make excellent centrepieces for your Christmas feast and add some sparkly joy to your office space – every day will be a reminder that it’s nearly holiday time!  

Tip: Stop by the craft section to pick up more miniature decorations for your tree, like ribbons and pompoms.

Tip: Love all things Japanese? If you have a bonsai tree, hang tiny decorations from its branches. You could even make your own mini stars from wrapping paper (hang them by threading through a loop of tapestry thread or fishing line). 

Got Christmas hang-ups?

Don’t be a Scrooge when it comes to decorating. Spread the festive spirit to every room with hanging ornaments. DAISO has hang-ups from the traditional to the outrageously fun for an affordable price. 

These flat decorations are all at least 40 cm tall and have a diameter of around 30 cm, so you can express your love of the jolly season in a big way!

Bare walls – boring! Adorn your walls and ceilings with big, bright, colourful Christmassy motifs. These flat decorations are all at least 40 cm tall and have a diameter of around 30 cm, so you can express your love of the jolly season in a big way!    

Tip: Make a game of decorating with a selection of characters and objects. Hang them in a different order every few days and get the kids to make up their own christmas stories about them. 

Tip: If you prefer not to make hook holes in your walls, temporary adhesive hooks will be strong enough to hold your decorations, and can be removed easily without damaging your paint. 

Don’t forget the tinsel and the garlands!

Garlands will give life to wall space along your halls, above your front door or by the Christmas feast table.anywhere else that needs some sparkle magic .

Tip: When taking down garlands in the new year, lay them section on section to store them flat. This will keep them in the best condition for next year. 

Tip: Drape tinsel or garlands across a wall to hold all the Christmas cards you receive. 

Greet guests with a warm welcome

Let guests know they’re in for a holiday treat from the moment they arrive at your doorstep.

Tip: If you have guests coming over for a late evening feast, line your walkway with tealight candles too. DAISO has a beautiful range of tealight holders and plain glassware you can use to create a fairytale feel. 

Make your windows shine with Christmas

For those who love to splash Christmas over every surface of the house, these window stickers are for you. 

Tip: Stickers are also great for classroom windows, or your car’s backseat windows.

Add charm with stockings along the mantelpiece

The perfect, traditional touch (with a dash of cuteness), these pretty stockings will hang along your mantelpiece and remind Santa that your little home helpers have been extra good this year. 

Tip: Stockings make a great alternative to wrapping. A small, special gift hidden among sweet treats will make for a family-snap worthy surprise. 

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST these unique festive ornaments

Put the finishing touches on your feast table, kitchen bench, desk space, or even your potplants, with this small ceramic ornaments that will see you through many more Christmases to come.

Tip: Small ornaments make adorable Christmas cake toppers. 

Tip: Some of these will hold candles too, so are the perfect accent for your coffee table or mantelpiece. 

And remember to have fun, and light the room up with these LED balls… 

Quick! It’s nearly Christmas! Get your helpers together and get ready, get set and decorate!

If you think your DAISO inspired decorating is festively fabulous, remember to share the results on Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr or Instagram and use hashtag #DaisoXmas



Top 10 Spring racing survival tools for the ladies

When we see exhausted hunched-over racegoers limping barefoot – heels in hand – or being piggybacked by their beaus at the end of race day, we just want to scream out:  

Ladies, there is no need to suffer for your beauty!

Whether you like to dance your way through general admission or swan about in The Birdcage, every lady deserves to be comfortable. A little pre-race preparation stocking up on survival tools will keep you in comfort so that you can look and feel as pretty as a picture well into the night-time celebrations.

This week we’re going to get one lucky DAISO fan off to the best start with this Spring Racing Survival Pack containing some of the essentials for all-day beauty maintenance and overall comfort:

Competition details at the end of this week’s blog post. 

There can only be one winner though, so if you want to prep yourself and not wreck yourself, get your handbag in shape with our Top 10 Spring Racing survival tools:  

#10 Umbrella

If you’re in Melbourne for the Spring Racing Carnival, chances are you’ll be treated to four seasons in one day. Melbourne  can never decide whether to share the sun or whether to rain on everyone’s parade. A clear (spotty) and classic umbrella will go with anything you wear, or you can pick up a colourful brolly that will fold neatly into your handbag. 

TIP: Be sun safe and avoid the awful post-sunburn world-map peel. A coloured umbrella will provide you with shade while you walk between marquees.

#9 Perspiration absorber petals

Suitable for anything with sleeves, these adhesive underarm petals will draw perspiration away from your body and protect your clothes from perspiration and deodorant stains. 

TIP: These are an absolute MUST if you’ve borrowed your race day outfit from a friend and want to return it smelling fresh.

TIP: Underarm petals will also fit men’s shirts and jackets. 

#8 Tooth floss sticks

Strawberries: those delightful fruits that go so nicely with your bubbles but not so well with your teeth. Run to the nearest bathroom, snap open your compact mirror and get those unglamourous seeds out of your teeth pronto. No need to make awkward faces and manoeuvre your hands in odd directions – these sticks allow you to floss easily with one hand.  

TIP: Floss sticks are small enough to fit in your purse, so we recommend taking a few with you for flossing emergencies throughout the day.

#7 Mini makeup essentials

When air kisses turn into contact kisses and lipstick is involved, makeup disaster strikes! Lucky you packed your foundation powder to cover up that kiss mark. While you have your compact out, you might as well touch up your lip gloss and blush, and maybe your eyeliner needs a refresh. 

TIP: Save your little black dress! Lean forward when applying powder so none lands on your outfit.

TIP: If that kiss mark just won’t budge, turn it into blush by rubbing it in gently. A good friend will kiss your other cheek to even it up, right?

#6 False eyelashes

If you’ve decided on the fluttery false eyelash look (and what glamorous lady wouldn’t), you’ll need some backup in case your lashes start to peel up at the edges or come off altogether (warm weather can be a challenge for false eyelashes). Take all your false eyelash essentials with you, including a spare pair for code red eyelash emergencies. 

TIP: Before the race, make sure you show a friend how to apply the lashes. A little help on race day can go a long way.

#5 Blotting sheets

If your post-makeup morning sparkle tends to turn to an oil slick by the end of the day, just carry blotting paper with you. Keep face sheen under control by blotting whenever you feel a little too shiny.

TIP: BLOT – don’t wipe. Wiping will not only ruin all that hard work you put into your makeup, but it will also strip away your skin’s natural oils and dry out your face too much. Blotting will keep it all in place nicely and retain your natural glow.

#4 First aid for feet

A killer pair of heels is such an indulgent treat, but the blisters that tend to go with them can make you want to put those designer delights in the nearest bin. The trusty bandaid on the heel is a great preventative for blisters, but if you do find yourself limping with a sore spot you’ll need a more heavy duty blister pad to soothe it.  

TIP: Take a combination of blister pads and bandaids with you so that you can wear the bandaid over the blister pad and keep it in place.

#3 Flip-flopping and fancy-free

There’s no need to wear your heels down when you’re on your way home. Kick off your fancy feet and wriggle your toes into some cushy flip-flops. Your feet will be so much comfier in their newfound freedom, and you’ll be able to speed ahead of all the tottering ladies to get to the trains and trams first.

TIP: Pedicure, pedicure, pedicure before your event! Cute flip-flops deserve cute toes. Check out our previous blog post for tips.

#2 Mini sewing kit

Dropped hems, mysterious seam pulls and buttons popping off in all the wrong places – they always catch us unawares at the worst possible moment. Sew your dignity back together and keep it intact with this emergency mini sewing kit – a great just-in-case survival tool.  

TIP: Before leaving the house, pack spare buttons and thread to match your outfit. You might find these attached to the inside left seam of your dress or jacket if you’ve purchased it new

#1 Gel insoles

Race day can be a looooong day. After your champagne breakfast, a luxurious few hours flitting between marquees, and a cheeky drink afterwards, you might find yourself home at midnight with … very … sore … feet. Be nice to your feet on race day and give them gel insoles to bounce on while you walk. Sweet relief like you wouldn’t believe!

TIP: Gel insoles are clear, so even in your strappy heels they’ll be invisible.

TIP: When you’re finished with them, give them a rinse and reuse in other shoes. 

TIP: When they’re no longer needed, cut them to size to stick under table legs – keeps your table in place and stops floor scuffs.


Armed with these survival essentials, you’ll be all set to get through the long day, and to make sure you finish the day looking as fresh as you were at the start. We hope you have a fantastic, frocking good race day whenever and wherever you find yourself celebrating, and we wish you the best of luck in picking a winner!

Remember that we’re picking our own winner this week with our Spring Racing Survival Pack giveaway.

To be in the running to WIN this fabulous prize, all you have to do is tell us in under 25 words about the biggest race day boo-boo you’ve experienced —> Enter Now

Good luck!


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