Your mum gave you the gift of life, helped you tie your shoelaces and used her superhuman powers to see you through your awkward teenage years, and now you’re giving her a cookbook in return? STOP! Step away from the bookshelf and ask yourself, “How can I make Mother’s Day something really special for the woman who raised me?”.

Well, here’s a clue: It’s the thought that counts! The gift that says, “I love you to the moon and back” will always outshine the gift that says “I love you as much as this designer handbag cost me”. So, this week, we’ve dug deep down in our warm fuzzy hearts to come up with 10 of the best ways to spend time with your mum this Mother’s Day and give her a gift pack that shows her how much you care. So put that token gift back on the shelf and listen up!

#1 ~ A high-tea ceremony to celebrate the mum who taught you how to make a good cuppa

Imagine the ladylike delight on Mum’s face when you set the table for high tea (makescones and sandwiches if you like) and open the afternoon with an official tea-pouring ceremony to declare your appreciation for all that she has done for you.

Pick up some beautiful ceramic cups and a teapot (or tea strainers or filter papers), some tea and some pretty Japanese cloth or paper to line the table, and set the scene for an afternoon of chatting like you used to do before your life became so busy.

#2 ~ A stress-busting afternoon of pampering for the mum who does it all

Being a mum can be amazing but stressful! Show your understanding, and surprise Mum with a day off so she can get the me-time she deserves. Run her a hot bath and set her up with all the pampering and preening extras to make her feel like a whole new, revitalised wonderwoman.

There are so many pamper-pack options on DAISO’s shelves that you’ll be able to customise a gift pack that’s just right, whether your mum wants to make her skin glow, her nails sparkle, her toes twinkle or her locks shine with lustre.

#3 ~ Wine and dine Mumtime for the mum who only gets to see you on special occasions

If you only get to see the most important woman in your life on special occasions, then make this occasion a real celebration with a bottle of Mum’s favourite drop and some nibbles to match. There’s nothing quite like spending some quality celebratory time together talking about all the memories you’ve shared.

DAISO has beautiful modern stemless wine glasses that your refined mum will love to get out whenever you come around.  If you want to add a little touch of your artistic flair, check out this dotty idea on Pinterest.

#4 ~ A mystery weekend away for the mum who loves an adventure

“But that’ll cost an entire week’s pay!” you’re thinking. Think again, outside the box. Take her to your own home, or set hers up like a hotel – somewhere where you can take care of all her meals and give her silver service – or  consider heading somewhere in driving distance where you can do a free house swap for the weekend.

Can you imagine how excited your mum will be when you show up at her house with a travel gift pack and tell her to pack her bags for a weekend away? Best offspring ever!

#5 ~ An afternoon of baking with the mum who makes the most delish chocolate cake you ever tasted

Break out your apron, arm yourself with a whisk and a bowl, preheat the day to awesome and get cooking with Mum, just like you used to when you were a kid. Maybe start a recipe book together to record all the delicious things you cook together from Mother’s Day onwards.

There is something satisfying about replacing old bakeware with new, and your mum will love taking it for a testdrive with you.

(With Mum’s permission, remember to take the old cookware to your local charity store so someone else can make use of it!)

#6 ~ Get back to your roots with a day in the garden with your green-thumb mum

It’s relaxing, it makes your outdoor spaces look glam, and it gives you a great reason to play in the dirt with the woman who used to tell you off for making mud pies! Gardening might be just the thing to for spending quality time with Mum this Mother’s Day.

A colourful new gardening kit will come in handy for planting your mum’s favourite flowers and vegetables. DAISO also has pots in heaps of shapes and sizes to suit Mum’s garden, or to sit prettily on the windowsill. Succulent pinspiration, anyone?

#7 ~ Get moving for a cause with the mum who wants a better world

All around Australia on Mother’s Day, mums and their sons and daughters will be walking or running to raise money for breast cancer research in the Mother’s Day Classic (details and registration here). DAISO has no official connection with the event, but we think it’s a really great cause!

Mum’s running pack will need to include a water bottle; some sweet nibbles to keep her sugar levels up; sports socks; hair ties and bobby pins to keep her hair out the way; and heat packs and bandaids just in case.

#8 ~ A cleaning kit with your name on it, for the mum who spent years cleaning up after you

Have some fun with this one! Put together a big box of brand new cleaning supplies, including cute sponges and colourful cloths to make it look like a real gift, Your mum will most likely be horrified by your choice of gift, until you turn it around to reveal your own name on the gift tag and a card that entitles her to a day of housecleaning by you.  Watch her breathe that sigh of relief and set you to work! Chip chop!

We’re sure your mum won’t mind looking after this collection of practical cuteness until the next time you come around to flaunt your domestic skills!

Can’t spend the day with Mum but still want to give her a gift that shows how much you think of her? Time to put on your DIY pants!

#9 ~ Fortunate cookies for the mum you couldn’t possibly appreciate more

A little twist on traditional fortune cookies that tell a fortune, these “fortunate cookies” each hold a little note telling your mum why you’re so fortunate to be her offspring. We’re not sure you’ll have enough cookies for all the reasons, but it’s a start!Cooking instructions at

Image from:

Pick up your “fortunate” message paper (DAISO has so many elegant origami papers you can choose from), some cellophane, a beautiful Japanese ceramic bowl, and some ribbon to put your gift together. DAISO also has all the cookwareyou need to get started on the making and baking too.

#10 ~ Try your hand at portraiture for the mum who still keeps your embarrassing school art on the fridge

It might make her laugh, cry, or recoil in horror and enrol you in an art class, but a portrait of you and your gorgeous mum painted by you is a gift from the heart. Work from your favourite photo and write your heartfelt Mother’s Day note on the back.

You could start a sketchbook with Mum too, where you take turns filling up the pages and exchanging the book as a way of sharing your creativity. Nawwww!

Image by @akolamble2

Art supplies can all be found in the arts and crafts aisle at your local DAISO. Put together a pack for Mum to help her explore her inner da Vinci.


So, how will you be spoiling Mum this Mother’s Day? Whatever you do, and whatever you give, remember it’s all about the thought. And if you need MORE inspiration, we’ve pinned a whole lot for you.

Oh, and one more very important thing: remember the tissues! When your best-ever gift of time+love+effort lands in her hands, there are sure to be some happy tears.

Hooray for mums and all their fabulousness! They truly are the queens of their tribes.



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