Easter. Japan. Chocolate. Dumplings. WE LOVE THEM! So, in a stroke of genius at DAISO HQ, we put them all together to bring you a foodie marriage made in heaven: EASTER EGG DESSERT DUMPLINGS!

Taking Easter to a whole new level with Easter egg dessert dumplings!

If these dumplings aren’t the pinnacle of Japanese inspired Easter indulgence then we don’t know what is. These Japanese dumplings, or “gyozas” (pronounced GHEE-OH-ZAS), are super easy, fast and fun to make, and they will literally melt in your mouth. A few words of warning though: they are delightfully addictive, and eating too many may turn you into a gyoza, so remember to share them with friends and family over Easter.


–light cooking oil (vegetable, sunflower and coconut are all good)


–gyoza dumpling wrappers

–fruit of your choice (we tried strawberries and bananas)

–Easter eggs (we used Hilliers Easter eggs available at DAISO).

The kitchenware we used is also available at DAISO for only $2.80 a piece. The dumpling/gyoza press is an absolute must-have for this cooking project, and it will make your gyoza sculpting so much quicker and easier than doing it by hand!

Clockwise from top left: oil absorption paper, frying pan (not available in DAISO), bowl and spoon (may need multiple small bowls for ingredients), gyoza dumpling press, mini fruit and vegetable slicer with container.

Watch the dumpling process unfold or skip below the video for full instructions:

We garnished our Easter egg gyozas with fresh banana slices, DAISO banana chips in brown sugar, DAISO salted caramel Mallow Moment (NEW!) and sprinkled them with DAISO’s caramel cinnamon sugar (yes, we went all out on the sugary treats!). Plate, chopsticks, and scarf used as table runner are all available at DAISO.


Step 1 ~ Prepare enough filling to fill however many gyozas you want to make - aim for about 4 slices of fruit and a mini Easter egg per gyoza (if you try to fit in more the gyoza wrapper might split). We used DAISO’s handy slicer with container to make sure our fruit was cut into super thin slices and could be stored easily.

Step 2 ~ Lay gyoza wrapper on the dumpling press and, using your fingertips, lightly press it down in the middle so that you have a dip in which to place your filling.

Step 3 ~ Place your filling in the centre of the gyoza skin. We used 4 or 5 thin slices of strawberry or banana and a mini Easter egg.

Step 4 ~ Dip your finger in the water and then run your finger around the edge of the gyoza wrapper. This will help the wrapper stick together so your filling doesn’t fall out.

Step 5 ~ Pull the handles of the gyoza press together firmly. Then pull them apart, remove your gyoza and set it aside.

Step 6 ~ If you prefer your gyozas to stand with their fanned edges up, stand them up this way on a flat surface and press them gently to create a base.

Step 7 ~ Repeat steps 2 to 7 until you have sculpted all your gyozas.


Cooking is a little trickier and you’ll need to really keep your eye on your gyozas to make sure they don’t burn on the high heat.

Step 1 ~ Make sure you have a plate ready for your cooked gyozas. We placed DAISO’s oil absorption papers on our plates to make sure our dumplings didn’t go soggy. Keep your jug of water nearby too.

Step 2 ~ Heat light cooking oil, like vegetable or coconut oil, in a frying pan over high heat until it begins to form tiny bubbles.

Step 3 ~ Place your dumplings in the pan until their bases are golden brown. If you’d like all sides of your dumplings golden and crispy, use kitchen tongs to turn them.

Step 4 ~ Once they’re all browned, pour over ¼ cup of water. The pan will sizzle and spit like crazy so be careful! Once the water evaporates your gyozas are ready.

Step 5 ~ Remove your gyozas from the pan and rest them on oil absorption paper for a minute.

Step 6 ~ Serve your gyozas on cute plates and garnish them with fruit, cinnamon sugar, nuts or chocolates of your choice.

You know the greatest thing about gyozas? You can put ANYTHING you like in them! Helloooo, world of sweet, delicious possibility! We also tried banana and nutella gyozas. Just like the strawberry-Easter-egg and banana-Easter-egg combos, these took us to our happy place.

We skipped the dipping sauce, but heat up a little Nutella in a dipping bowl and you’ll be in a chocolate gyoza dipping bliss daze in no time! Sweet gyozas are also amazing served with a scoop of your favourite ice cream.

More sweet filling suggestions for you to try:

~Sweet potato and crushed pecan (a maple syrup dipping sauce is dreamy with these!)

~Chilli spiced Nutella

~Easter egg and marshmallow (try a salted caramel sauce with this)

~Stewed apple and cinnamon (sprinkled with extra cinnamon sugar)

~Apple and blueberry (with hot peanut butter sauce)

~Fruit-mince (for Christmas) (these are wonderful with ice cream and brandy sauce)

~Chocolate and Walnut Gyoza (with Strawberry Balsamic Dipping Sauce)

There are so many possibilities!

We hope you have loads of fun trying out your own sweet gyoza experiments with our awesome gyoza press. Remember to Instagram or Facebook your mouthwatering successes with #daiso.

Good luck with your gyoza-ing!



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