There are many kinds of housemates. The first is you: the perfect housemate (you know it!). Then there are others.

Whether your housies are family, friends or too-good-to-be-true randoms you’ve plucked off of an internet site, they probably all have some habits that’ll make you KERAZY! Nobody’s perfect, right (except for you)? So instead of hiding in your room posting out calls for help on Facebook, or staging a really awkward whole house intervention, why not prep your home with some gadgets to help everyone be as fantastic and considerate as you are.

We love solving your problems with awesome $2.80 solutions, so here are our Daisolutions to help out the housemates who just can’t seem to get it right.

#1 ~ The open bag bandit

When you go to find the soy sauce in the back of the cupboard and knock over a 2kg bag of rice your housie hasn’t bothered to re-seal …


This battery-operated bag sealer works by pinching and melting the plastic to create a seal. It brings so much satisfaction to sealing a bag that they’ll want to use it EVERY SINGLE TIME they open something. They’ll even start opening things for fun, but that’s ok because they’re going to re-seal that baby right back up.

But what about the bags of coffee beans and your fancy muesli that cost a day’s pay and came in an artisan paper bag made by a spiritual guru? No sweat. Pegs work too. Check out these cute Mickey Mouse pegs and colourful bag clips – so bright and cheery, no paper bag will look complete without them.


TIP: The date flower bag clip allows you to record when you opened the bag so you can make sure things haven’t been open for too long. 

#2 ~ The stove slopper

When you have to clean the oven *again* because your housie has let the pasta water boil over and your stovetop looks more like a gunky swamp of goop …


Simmer down! We’re sure they didn’t do it deliberately. Pop this boil-over preventer (also called a pot-watcher) in the bottom of your pot of water, milk or soup before you start heating and it’ll stop your liquids boiling over. Wisegeek tells you how it works.

Tell everyone in the house how to use it, and leave it by the stove for easy access and a visual reminder. 

#3 ~ The garlic handler

When your housemate cooks an amazing meal packed with garlic and then touches the remote, the door handles, the tap handles and the icecream scoop with garlic hands …


Image via Instagram @Daiso_Goodidea

We love garlic, and we love housemates who cook with garlic, but only when they don’t make everything else in the house smell like garlic too. We’ll forgive them for the garlic breath, but keep one of these by the sink for them to wash the garlic smell off their hands. All they need to do is wash their hands with the soap (no detergent soap needed) under running water for 30 seconds and the garlic smell will be gone. Find out how it works at Huffpost.

TIP: Stainless steel soap also removes strong odours like onion, durian and fish.

#4 ~ The cheeky clothes borrower

When you discover deodorant stains in your favourite jacket, and you know they’re not yours (you use that invisible stuff) …


Sure, you might’ve made an agreement in the early days that they could borrow your stuff whenever they liked – those were the days. But you draw the line at deodorant stains (and body odour is a big NO!). If they’re not going to dry-clean your clothes after borrowing them, take a preventative measure and stick some underarm sweat absorbers in. They’re just like the ones in this demonstration video but are $2.80.

#5 ~ The wishy washer

When your housemate has been really nice and done all your washing for you … with the towels … and your woollens are covered in lint balls …


Ok, points for kindness and consideration even if they’re no domestic god or goddess. But what to do about the lint that’s making your clothes look old and shabby? This battery-operated lint remover will do the trick, and as you see those aggravating little balls of fuzz disappear, you’ll feel a satisfied calm wash over you. Thank your housemate and let them know how to use the lint remover for their clothes too.

#6 ~ The clothesline hog

(While we’re on the topic of washing) … When your housie decides to take up the whole washing line with their smalls …


Seriously, do they really need ALL that room just for their undies? Who even has that many pairs?! Give yourself some line space by encouraging your housie to use one of these handy delicates dryers. It’ll take up one peg’s worth of space on the clothesline and can be brought in quickly and easily if it rains. 

#7 ~ The mid-tube squeezer

When you find the toothpaste squeezed from the middle of the tube … again … 


Image via:

And the tube of condensed milk?! Noooo! You might have to pick up a few of these if you have a serial mid-tube squeezer on your hands. Clip this tube roller to the end of the tube and turn the winder to squeeze out the toothpaste. No promises on this one, but your housie might enjoy this little gadget more than squeezing from the middle, and, if not, at least it will help you get to the very last drop of minty (or sugary) freshness.

#8 ~ The in-shower shedder

When you have to call the plumber again because the bottom of the shower is filling up like a bath …




Long-haired housemates are often the prime suspects. Instead of launching into awkward conversations about hair loss, just protect your drains with some drain catchers. Remember to encourage everyone to clean them after they’ve had a shower or bath, and enjoy a plumber-free house-sharing experience.

TIP: Use a drain catcher in the kitchen to stop food remnants from catching in the drain and causing unpleasant odours. 

#9 ~ The canoodler

When you feel like an intruder  walking into your loungeroom because your housemate is always in there canoodling on the couch with their boyfriend or girlfriend …


Watch video of iPhone Trumpet Speaker in action

Keep one of these on hand for those times when you want to clear the room and have a good laugh. Cue up some cheesy saxaphone music on your phone, place your phone in the speaker and hit play.

TIP: If you don’t have a sound system to play your music, this will also help you drown out the giggles coming from the other rooms.

When your housemate’s annoying habits give you a reason to pick up really cool things that’ll make your life easier, living with them doesn’t seem so bad afterall. 
And if you’ve discovered you’re a stove slopper, shower shedder, mid-tube squeezer, garlic handler then maybe you could do with some of these gadgets just for you. We hope they give you that extra little bit of domestic bliss you deserve.

Good luck!



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